frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be fit?

No you don’t! That’s what we’re here for, and that’s what our classes are designed to help you do. Everyone starts as a beginner at some stage, without any experience, and pole dancing will help you build more strength and get fit as you go.

Body shapes and sizes are varied, and size is no barrier to performing spins and climbs on a pole! Pole dancing improves fitness levels, core strength, muscle tone and strengthens shoulders, arms and the stomach. Your pole dancing workout encompasses cardio through to strength building.

What if I’m nervous?

If you’re wanting to learn pole dancing but are feeling nervous about it, that’s perfectly normal! What you will find is that your nerves will disappear once you start class and realise that everyone else is the same as you, and learning pole dancing for the first time too. You will be having laughs and fun in no time at all and won’t be able to wait until your next class!

What do I wear?

Wear your gym clothes (ie: trainers, shorts, shirt). Bring a water bottle and towel, and please remember to take off jewellery (rings, watches, bracelets) before commencing the lesson. Do not put on any moisturiser before class as it will make the poles slippery and you won’t be able to grip well.

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Free abs class

Get a free abs class when you buy a 6 week block!

Early morning classes

Available now – early morning express pole classes 5.15am Mon, Wed and Fri! Bookings essential!

Presenting BPFB…

Spring brings with it the new-look of booty pole fit boutique, still the original and only pole studio in the Redlands! Check out the new classes available, ready to get you into shape for Summer.