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A bit of booty about pole dancing

There is lots of good news about pole dancing and the first is that you don’t need to be fit to be able to pole dance!

You also don’t need to be a dancer, a gymnast, or a gym bunny. Pole dancing classes will help you build strength and stamina progressively, lose weight, have fun, or reach whatever goal you have set.

Pole dancing is much more fun than a workout at the gym, and the benefits of it extend across the entire body – from cardio to strengthening and toning.

Booty pole fit boutique welcomes all ages and body types, from beginners to professionals. You will be guided through the basics, spinning and climbing your way to advanced moves and getting that upside down buzz!

A bit of booty about me

I started pole dancing in 2005 and fell in love with it!

I knew this was just what I needed to make me exercise – something that was so fun and satisfying and didn’t really feel like an exercise class at all. In 2006 I became an instructor for Girlfriend Fun and Fitness, spending the next five years teaching group classes and private 1-on-1 pole dance lessons in the Redlands and Brisbane, as well as training other pole instructors.

I was also involved as a pole performer, entertaining at corporate and promotional events, charity functions, displays and other special events. As time went on I grew to love the private 1-on-1 lessons more and developed my very own style of teaching – making each class fun became my speciality. In 2011 I decided it was time to go it alone, so my very own studio ‘booty pole fit boutique’ was born.

~ Traci ~

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Free abs class

Get a free abs class when you buy a 6 week block!

Early morning classes

Available now – early morning express pole classes 5.15am Mon, Wed and Fri! Bookings essential!

Presenting BPFB…

Spring brings with it the new-look of booty pole fit boutique, still the original and only pole studio in the Redlands! Check out the new classes available, ready to get you into shape for Summer.